CRUNCH conditions


The software comprising the program system Crunch is provided in good faith. The software is maintained regularly, however, no guarantee whatsoever is given, neither with respect to the system's performance, nor concerning the results obtained using the software. At no time can the authors or their employers be held responsible for any damage or hardship encurred, directly or indirectly, by the use of the software.


The program system Crunch may be downloaded freely. However, copying, modification and distribution of the system without express written permission by the authors is strictly forbidden. Within the context of non-profit research in educational establishments the system may be used free of charge. Prospective commercial users are required to contact the Leiden Institute of Chemistry, Leiden University at the address given above in order to arrive at a suitable arrangement. At no time, now or in the future, will the possibility of free downloading of the software invalidate the intellectual property rights to this software, currently held by the Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands

The address: R.A.G. de Graaff
             The Leiden Institute of Chemistry
             Gorlaeus Laboratories
             University of Leiden
             PO box 9502
             2300 RA Leiden
             The Netherlands

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