Publications 2011

  1. Tomato-produced 7-epizingiberene and R-curcumene act as repellents to whiteflies.
    P.M. Bleeker, P.J. Diergaarde, K. Ament, S. Schutz, B. Johne, J. Dijkink, H. Hiemstra, R. de Gelder, M.T.J. de Both, M.W. Sabelis, M.A. Haring, R.C. Schuurink.
    Phytochemistry (2011), 72, 68-73.

  2. The Oxidation Products of NaAlH_4 Studied by Solid-State NMR and X-Ray Diffraction.
    M.H.W. Verkuijlen, R. de Gelder, P.J.M. van Benthem, A.P.M. Kentgens.
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2011), 115, 7002-7011.

  3. Counter-ion and solvent effects on the primary coordination sphere of copper(ii)-bis(3,5-dimethylpyrazol-1-yl)acetic acid coordination compounds.
    B. Kozlevcar, P. Gamez, R. de Gelder, Z. Jaglicic, P. Strauch, N. Kitanovski, J. Reedijk.
    European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (2011), 24, 3650-3655.

  4. Part I. Solvent, Linker and Anion Effects on the Formation, Connectivity and Topology of Cu(I) Coordination Polymers.
    F.F.B.J. Janssen, L.P.J. Veraart, J.M.M. Smits, R. de Gelder, A.E. Rowan.
    Crystal Growth and Design (2011), 11, 4313-4325.

  5. Part II. The Multiple Phenyl Embrace as a Synthon in Cu(I)/N-donor Ligand Coordination Polymers.
    F.F.B.J. Janssen, R. de Gelder, A.E. Rowan.
    Crystal Growth and Design (2011), 11, 4326-4333.

  6. A facile building-block synthesis of multifunctional lanthanide MOFs.
    S. Tanase, M.C. Mittelmeijer-Hazeleger, G. Rothenberg, C. Mathoniere, V. Jubara, J.M.M. Smits, R. de Gelder.
    Journal of Materials Chemistry (2011), 21, 15544-15551.

  7. IsoQuestCSP: analyzing sets of predicted crystal structures and selecting the true structure.
    R. de Gelder, J.M.M. Smits, M. Boeije, H. Meekes, and E. Vlieg.
    Acta Crystallographica (2011), A67, C33-C34.

  8. The Multiple Phenyl Embrace: a useful synthon in crystal engineering.
    J.M.M. Smits, F.F.B.J. Janssen, R. de Gelder, and A.E. Rowan.
    Acta Crystallographica (2011), A67, C317.

  9. X-ray, NMR and Computational Study of Venlafaxine.
    F. Vasconcelos, R. de Gelder, E.R.H. van Eck, F. van Heijster, G.A. de Wijs.
    2nd Smarter Crystallography Workshop, 23-27 May 2011, Book of Abstracts, page 52.