Publications 2010

  1. Carbonyl complexes of rhodium with N-donor ligands: Factors determining the formation of terminal versus bridging carbonyls.
    W.I. Dzik, C. Creusen, R. de Gelder, Th.P.J. Peters, J.M.M. Smits, and B. de Bruin.
    Organometallics (2010), 29, 1629-1641.

  2. Cationic Heteroleptic Cyclometalated IridiumIII Complexes Containing Phenyl-Triazole and Triazole-Pyridine Clicked Ligands.
    M. Felici, P. Contreras-Carballada, J.M.M. Smits, R.J.M. Nolte, R.M. Williams, L. De Cola and M.C. Feiters.
    Molecules (2010), 15, 2039-2059.

  3. Synthesis, characterization and surface initiated polymerization of carbazole functionalised isocyanides.
    E. Schwartz, E. Lim, C. Gowda, A. Liscio, O. Fenwick, V. Palermo, R. de Gelder, J.J.L.M. Cornelissen, E.R.H. Van Eck, A.P.M. Kentgens, F. Cacialli, R.J.M. Nolte, P. Samori, W.T.S. Huck, and A.E. Rowan.
    Chemistry of Materials (2010), 22, 8, 2597-2607.

  4. High nuclearity manganese(III) compounds containing phenol-pyrazole ligands: the influence of the ligand on the core geometry.
    M. Viciano-Chumillas, G. de Ruiter, S. Tanase, J.M.M. Smits, R. de Gelder, I. Mutikainen, U. Turpeinen, L. J. de Jongh and J. Reedijk.
    Dalton Transactions (2010), 39, 4991-4998.

  5. Antiferromagnetic interactions in a distorted cubane-type tetranuclear manganese cluster.
    E. Kampert, J.C. Russcher, D.W. Boukhvalov, F.F.B.J. Janssen, J.M.M. Smits, R. de Gelder, B. de Bruin, P.C.M. Christianen, A.E. Rowan, M.I. Katsnelson, J.C. Maan, U. Zeitler.
    Journal of Physics: Conference Series (2010), 200, 022022.

  6. Ligand Design in Rh(diene)-Mediated "Carbene" Polymerization; Efficient Synthesis of High-Mass, Highly Stereoregular, and Fully Functionalized Carbon-Chain Polymers.
    E. Jellema, A.L. Jongerius, A.J.C. Walters, J.M.M. Smits, J.N.H. Reek, and B. de Bruin.
    Organometallics (2010), 29, 2823-2826.